What is MyGolfClubTeeTimes?

A Better Scheduling Experience

Provide a better "end-to-end" scheduling experience for the organizer and players.

Why?  Because...

It's a challenge getting together with friends and coordinating schedules.

Meetup and Facebook are NOT  tuned to the specifc challenges of coordinating outings and tee times.

Emailing and texting back and forth is archiac.

Streamline This Process!

Group Calendar

Your group's event calendar makes it easy to create, modify, and view outing details.

View RSVP Details

Getting responses can be like herding cats. No more: Player's get a one-click link to RSVP.  Everyone can see RSVP details.

Setup Foursomes and Times

It's crazy easy create foursomes (or twosomes) from the list of RSVPs.

How It Works

It's Easy as 1, 2, 3

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Event Calendar

Click on a date: enter time, course, and reply deadline...Done. Everyone in the group gets an email with "one-click" Yes or No RSVP links.

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Event Details

Clicking on an event reveals its details: date, time, course, reply deadline, and other information. You'll also see RSVP totals and can modify event details.

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Member Responses

Here you'll see player responses and how they responded. After the reply deadline, you'll be able to Setup Pairings and assign Tee Times.

See it in Action!

See How Easily Pairings and Times Can Be Made

Pssst...You can demo this now...

Did I mention you can demo this now?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me more about the service

Event Calendar  functionality was recently added to help determine who wants to play * before * bothering to get tee times. You can read more about it here: Do You Organize Group Events?

The Dashboard  function presumes you first have a tee time, then want to get your buddies to play. The Dashboard killer feature is this: In addition to making notifications easier, you'll be able to search for openings in your group's tee times making the process of finding a spot with friends or finding replacements an entirely "email-less" process.
You can read more about it here: Don't Let Cancellations Cost You Money

Do all my tee times have to be visible to my group?

No. On the Dashboard you have the option of adding tee times without assigning a club (select "No Club Assignment"). This will prevent the tee time from being visible to your group.

All participants will get email notification of the tee time, with calendar attachment, and any messages you send.
Tour the dashboard here: Tour the Dashboard

I don't belong to a group. Can I find one to join?

Yes! Groups can be made public or private. Click here to go to a search page where you can enter criteria such as location, club name, or even club owner name.

How can I grow my club?

As a club owner, you'll be able to send Club Invites. From the Dashboard, click on "My Clubs", select the club and click "Send Club Invite". You'll need to enter valid email addresses. If the invitee is already a member of the website, they will receive a notification to join. If they are not, they will receive an email invite to join. Check out the Video HowTos

How can I demo the service?

Send an email to support at mygolfclubteetimes.com with the Subject: "I Wanna Demo". With no obligation, you'll receive a temporary ID and password, which belongs to the 'DemoClub'. All the functions are available to try but without email notifications.

So, what's up with the free trial?

We're in a growth period and trying to get as much feedback as possible.

How To Vidoes

There are short instructional videos here: Video HowTos
Got suggestions for more, let us know.

Is there an App I have to install?

Although, we want to develop optimized apps: we're not there yet. You can start using the app today over the web on your smartphone or desktop.

Have a question? Contact Us.


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